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Retail Design





Rico gems is a high end jewellery brand with only one location in Shanghai.  The client has a keen eye for detail and wanted something different.  He let us have free reign and be creative.




The brand & products were part of the inspiration. Uniquely designed jewellery with unusual gem stones and diamonds require an equally extraordinary environment.


We start the journey at the ground floor with the ‘Extraction’, like being under the ground where all the gems are exhibited and found.


The jewellery is displayed in simple, contemporary showcases that have raw stone column where the jewellery is dramatically displayed.  The room is dark like the cave the gem stones are extracted from. The focus is all on the product and the customers understanding of it.  To continue the educational experience the customer can visit the Atelier, where jewellery are actually designed and crafted.  We wanted to expose this craft to the customer, which is usually hidden away. Later we will build the upstairs, which is divided into rooms with a residential interior design. One room for each type of customer that feel like they are all under one luxury home


It’s a personal story, about the ‘You’ or the individual and their experience & where you explore, discover, co-create and learn about how to fulfill their desires through the elegance of jewelry.

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