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Réel Spring windows


Shanghai, February 2013


For the spring season of the Réel shopping mall, we designed 5 windows, at the entrances and a large window of 5.5m high x 7m long. These windows have the goal to celebrate spring in literary, intellectual way that had meaning whilst still being eye catching and solve the issue of displaying in such a large window.


Since the Réel is close to the park we want something in relation to that and to nature. We therefore thought about windows full of birds and cages, which is also a traditional Chinese motif and to treat nature with an Alice in Wonderland fantasy style.  We also were inspired by a famous French poem by Jacques Prevert:


"To paint the portrait of a bird, Paint first a cage with an open door. Then paint inside the cage. Something beautiful, something useful to the bird. Place the canvas against a tree in a garden or a forest And hide behind the tree Without speaking or moving. Maybe the bird will arrive quickly but it could take years. Don't be discouraged. Wait. Wait all the years if need be: the bird's quickness or slowness will not affect the success of the painting. When the bird arrives (if it does), be completely silent and wait until it enters the cage-then softly close the door with the paintbrush. Erase one by one the bars and, being careful not to touch the bird's feathers, Paint the tree, choosing the best of its branches for the bird to perch on.  Paint also the foliage and the cool breeze and the rays of the sun; Paint the sounds of the animals, the plants and the summer warmth.  Then wait until the bird decides to sing or not to sing: If not, it is a bad sign and a sign the portrait is bad but singing is a good sign-A sign that you can sign. Very softly, pluck a feather from the bird and write your name in a corner of the canvas."


The windows created were of a large scale visually stimulating filling the entire windows with visual strong window that communicated what the Réel shopping mall is all about.

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