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INSHOP Shanghai


Multi-brand retail shopping venue located in the heart of Shanghai’s Jing An district


As to the brief helped INSHOP create a designer gallery of shops showcasing the latest creative designers & brands. These retail spaces have the goal to attract creative people to discover the new trends oriented and independent brand products.


Following the creative concept brief, that we also helped develop with the client, our team developed a the following retail concepts: The White Cube, Eco Zone, Studio 15, Photo Studio and consulted on other independent designer shops such as Lohas. The White Cube was designed to be a simple yet functional as an art or pop up shop gallery space.  The entire space was white and based on a 1m x 1m grid.  The Eco Zone was more about deconstruction and recycling then building.  The partition walls were all removed and the surrounding walls striped back.  Vintage windows were found and used as wall fixtures along with recycled wood furniture. The cement floor used broken tiles in colorful patterns.  Designers in this retail area all sell eco friendly or hand crafted products.  Studio 15 retail area also opened up the walls to make another large shared retail space inspired by Andy Wharol’s artist studio. Silver finished floor and walls that have blank canvas wall units and floor furniture.  Adjacent to Studio 15 is a working photo studio and meeting space.


The result was a unique retail space for designers within environments designed to help tell the product stories of eco friendly and designer independent brands.  The atmosphere has a market feeling but within permanent spaces reflecting the brand and product stories.  The retail spaces were all fully occupied and functioning in harmony.

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