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PVG Airport – Shanghai


Bose missioned Overlay to imagine their new airport outlet in Pudong. Being Shanghai biggest international airport, we decided to take inspiration from sci-fi movies visions of future spaceships. All-inclusive rounded walls with lighted backgrounds, we wanted to create a super bright and eye-catching design that would attract any customer to experience Bose products.



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The layout of the store has been organized following this idea as well. We decided to place all the experiences in the center and stocks on the surrounding walls. A new highlight also has been put on some products as “Traveller’s choice”. It result in a gold and black central area made of ribbons of metal, challenging any existing way of presenting sound-related products.


BOSE products always show a very high-tech image, so we wanted to push the concept of travel to an upper level, and ended up with the idea of a SPACESHIP CAPSULE. The special product support is the combination of the light minimalist style and futuristic structure, and gives a feeling of costumers operating on a spaceship panel. The unique display tables follow a metal ribbon shape that makes the metal bending regularly and successively to support a white lacquer surface. The feeling we aimed to achieve was futuristic though lightweight displays.


The concept now called “COMPACT SOUND BAR” includes the creation of layout, wall stands, display table and other designs as a complete solution, which solved the request of dense retail environment, but without crowdedness.

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